Writing a philosophy paper is a little more difficult than writing and essay.  An essay is shorter in length and is from your standpoint, a philosophy paper is using facts, other person’s points of view and a lot longer.

So how do you write a philosophy paper?

Form in your mind what you want to write about (or what a teacher tells you) and make an out line to go by.  This will ensure that you are hitting the key points that you want to make and will keep you in order.  Make sure it is fluid and not jumping from topic to topic.  Being organized is key to writing a philosophy paper.

You will need a dictionary

When you start writing, make sure you have access to a dictionary because you want o be sure that your wording is correct.  No one wants to make the common mistake of using the wrong tense of a word such as their, they’re and there.  You also want to be sure that when the reader is reading the paper, they are not questioning you.  Make sure your facts are facts and you can back them up with reference to where you got your answer but remember, do not plagiarize.  Make sure you give credit to where you got your information but do not copy any work verbatim.  This will ruin your paper and your credibility.

When writing your paper, skip a long introduction

Although it may seem like a good idea to go in depth about what your paper is about, that is why you are writing the paper.  Let the paper be your introduction.  Don’t use cute quotes to get your point across.  This never works and has no place in a philosophy paper.  You want to get your arguments across without using cute facts that do nothing but fill an empty paper.

You are writing this paper to argue a point, not answer the complete question

You can’t solve a one hundred year old dilemma in a single paper but you can make a great argument and make the reader think about your stance on a subject if you are writing from the heart and with a lot of facts.  If you are passionate about the subject and use your words correctly, you will be able to make the reader think about his position on the subject.  This typw of paper is what you are going for,

As you are writing your paper, take the time to read it yourself and if you feel that it needs to be rewritten, do so

Go with your gut on how it reads.  If you think a sentence sounds wrong, edit it,  If you feel that you cant get what you want to say down correctly, have someone else read the passage and give you their input.  This will ensure that what you want to convey is coming out on paper the way you want it to,

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