Biology is very interesting topic to explore the cells and organisms and how it works. There are many topics is there in the biology. But it is very interesting to know about our body. In this world we means a lot about our body. Every changes and reactions will be according to our biological changes. For example we had a fever we have a vomiting sensation something like that how our body reacts to that disease and how it will automatically recovered from that problem is mysterious and it has many biological reasons. We eat daily but the food is processed and digested in our body has many process. Bacteria is the very interest part in the biological study is why because the researchers had discovered many type of bacteria but as of now they never end with the new bacteria. Because day by day we face many new bacteria. There is many new ideologies is there in the biology. It is very vast subject to know more.  In biology, there is many more interesting topics is there. They are male pregnancy among animals, cell biology, marine biology, molecular biology, obesity, and natural disease etc… We have face many biological effects in our body. There always been a biological reasons for everything. In plants, we have many things to  know why because how it starts to grow how it gives flowers and fruits and know the medicinal values of the plants and all. Plants are multicellular organism. Photosynthesis is the factor in the plants growth. Plants have an important role in the ecosystems. Fertilisers made for the plants is to develop with the multiple biological reasons. Biology is taken place in each and everything we faced daily. Human body, birds, fish, animals, plants everything has a biological factors. In human body each and every movements is comes under the biological reasons. Many researchers tells about the facts of human body in the biological way and it has been proven. There is lots and lots of books related to biology. Many researches is running towards the topic of biology. We have currently many biological changes in this world. Many research is going on. Dna and genetics is very interesting to know. Because each and every humans have a peculiar dna which tells about everything related to the human body. Many future diseases can be identified through the genetics and make many precautions for that. Which is all done only through the biological researches. In human body there will be a hormones which regulates the process of the body. It is a overview about the biology and tells about the advantages and the characteristics of the biology. There is wide content in the biology to know more. Researchers made many researches to explore more biological things. This helps us to know the facts and useful of biology in our day to day life. In day to day life we coincide with the biological factors. There will be more and more things to know about biology. There will be no end for the biological study. Biology is one of the important study for everyone and it is explored by many researchers and authors by their essays, books and articles.
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